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Cruise-obsessed Cathy Rogers doesn't know how many trips she has taken - she stops counting after 30.From May 17, the cruise will be permitted to resume operations from the UK under the third phase of the plan, when it is out of lockdown and demand is high.Cathy, which operates a Facebook group for enthusiasts, has already made a reservation and is not eligible.I would feel safer on a boat than in my local supermarket,” she said.There is always a higher level of hygiene than what you would get in a typical restaurant or pub. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do the things that are as normal as possible for us on board."

Outside of slotxo Edinburgh, three Fred Olsen cruises are preparing for service as fast demand is expected.After 14 months of stagnation, the paint is being refined, new upholstered chairs and new carpets are set to depart this summer.Fred Olsen said it had sold two thirds of the tickets for the British cruise.They launched just a few weeks ago.Thomas Rannesland, director of hotel operations, told the BBC he was never too busy. But still that last year was stressful Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to a great colleague since the ship was not moving. Of course, we had to start planning for a re-commissioning. No one has done anything like this before.

As the cruise begins again it will gradually begin with a sightseeing tour across the UK stopping and starting at the same port, known as a trip to nowhere at sea.The first ship could leave England from May 17, but industry hopes other UK countries will follow along as well.
Some operators, such as Virgin Voyages, see it as an opportunity to recommend cruises to new customers, with 3 or 4 day trips as an alternative to their stay. In addition to testing and cleaning, they require all passengers and crew to be fully vaccinated before traveling.I don't know where you can go, where else can you get to this regulated restaurant," said Virgin Voyages chief Tom McAlpin.

I think you rebuild trust by creating these protocols to make people feel safe. It's the right thing for us to do to make people feel comfortable.At the start of the epidemic, there were stories of several outbreaks on different international cruise ships.Bob Sanguinetti, Head of the UK Chamber of Commerce, said the industry, like any other society, has learned a lot of lessons since then.There is now a protocol for carriers in the UK, meaning all cruisepassengers are required to take tests before they start, including social distance practices, air bubbles and health monitoring methods. Of passengers I don't think it will be difficult to get passengers back on board," Sanguinetti said. "Cruises are doing their best to ensure that the risks are kept to a minimum.

Chris and Wendy Hignell were booked to travel from Southampton to Liverpool in May. They don't care that this time is closer to home.Not being able to get off the boat is not a problem, just having fun on the boat," said Wendy.They feel confident in their safety measures as well.The numbers are down a lot, so that's a big bonus. Everyone is being tested, there is a mask, there is social distortion," Chris said. "It made us think it was worth going and feeling safe while we did it. Still, an industry that has been paused for more than a year, there is much work to be done to revive the lost space.The pandemic has had a huge impact on the industry, not just cruise companies. But also the tourism operators, ports and other destinations they visit, ”Sanguinetti said.