Hydrasynth Explorer makes ASM's unique wavemorphing engine 'portable'.-63672130-1266-11ec-afff-b14a7d0fc319.cf.jpg

ASM's Hydrasynth made a big splash when เล่นสล็อตที่ไหนดี it was announced in September 2019. The company is a newcomer to the market. But this includes the luminaries of the electronic instrument world working on Akai's MPC line and Arturia's 'Brute line, so there are some hype around it.

And the consensus is that it depends on it.The company is now using its unique wavemorphing engine. Polyphonic after-touch keybed Plus it's packed with sound design tools and put it in a portable, battery-powered, inexpensive Hydrasynth Explorer.

The Explorer has 37 medium-sized, semi-weighted keys. So it's a little more hospitable than your typical mainstream synthesizer. And like its bigger siblings — the $1,299 Hydrasynth and $799 Hydrasynth Desktop — there are eight polyphony sounds and three oscillators.

There is also Two "mutations" which can separate one and two oscillators in a number of ways, from pretty standard (FM and pulse width modulation) to additional (PhazDiff and harmonic sweep. )
There are also two filters that can be combined in series or parallel and five — yes five — LFO and envelope generator.

And those envelope generators aren't your standard ADSR envelopes (attack, decay, heal, release) either. These are six-stage DAHDSR envelopes (delay, attack, hold, decay, heal, release). Built-in delay and reverb 32-slot modulation matrix and a rather state-of-the-art arpeggiator.All the power of sound design comes in a device