The Humble Bundle will test the charitable donation limit of 15 percent.-3793789-destiny2ticuusdivination.jpg

Beginning in late May, the slotxo Humble Bundle plans to test out a new storefront that will use its signature slider. Since selling their first charity kit in 2010, the company has allowed customers to decide how much they'll pay for their collection of games, software, or books, split between themselves, the publisher, and the charity. It's a system that, in the past, allowed you to donate everything you paid for a good charity bundle.In a blog post found by Kotaku, the company now says it plans to replace that system with a new one, where you'll have two options.

After deciding how much you want to spend on the package, you can choose to donate 5 or 15 percent of your purchase to a charity. Either way, most of your money will go to the publisher, and the company is setting 15 percent of your charitable donation to it, indicating that the change will help bundle it into other product deals. Where the scroll bar is not a feature On the other hand, that will help "Build and grow an incredibly powerful group all over the world." We've reached out to Humble Bundle for more information and comments,

and we'll update this story when we hear back from the company.As you might imagine, the change didn't happen to the company's customers, with many accusing the Humble Bundle turning into another form of storefront service. What's even worse is that when the company first started testing the changes last month, it didn't share what it did with the community. "We apologize for this and thank everyone who wrote in to ask us about it," it said. "The lesson for us is that we should be more enthusiastic about communicating the test.