The 'Human Meat' Burger That'll Make You Feel Awkward-oumphplantburger.jpg

Swedish brand Oumph makes a number of plant-based burgers that taste like people.I just googled "how does human meat taste?" and it made my stomach worse. I don't even eat cows or pigs. But I think I can deal with The "plant-based burger"

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Oumph, which sells products in parts of Europe, Australia and South Africa. Make a people-style burger for a one-time Halloween stunt. and presented from a food truck in Stockholm. The burgers are officially discontinued.

Because otherwise it would be creepy," the company announced Sunday.Carry is in the business of advocating plant-based alternatives as an environmentally responsible eating approach that also reduces animal suffering. Although the concept of human flesh has a shocking value.

Are we really different from pigs and cows?

in promotional video Chef and Oumph co-founder Ankan Linden says he expects the project to cause a bit of curiosity and disgust. And making people

uncomfortable is the idea. Omf originally announced the burger concept with a gruesome video playing from the terrifying tropics and involving vegetables.