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Stellar explosions are a mess. Therefore, two successive supernovas in the same galaxy must leave traces.That's the story behind this stunning new Hubble Space Telescope image of a galaxy called NGC 6984, released

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by the European Space Agency (ESA), which helps operate the observatory on Monday (Nov. 1). ) The image shows an attractive view of the galaxy's rotating arm. full of stars and star-forming regions

This disclosure did not specify the time when new information was captured. But note that the observations came after astronomers noticed a pair of extremely rare supernovae in the galaxy. A supernova occurs

when a relatively large star runs out of fuel and explodes. Objects were scattered throughout the area.Discovery of two supernovae at the same time and the same location This (in astronomical terms) aroused

speculation from astronomers that the two supernovae may be physically connected, ESA officials wrote in a statement.So astronomers enlisted Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 to survey the galaxy in ultraviolet and visible light to investigate a strange coincidence.