Horse racing violates export rules.-_105613404_horse_racing_pa.jpg

Horse racing and breeding in the slotxo UK are being affected by export regulations resulting from the departure of the European Union. Industry figures warn

The industry is worth 4.1 billion a year to the UK economy and supports tens of thousands of jobs.The British Horseracing Authority has called for red tape, which Suffolk farms say has disturbed the documentation industry, to be eliminated.

The government said it was looking to improve racing horse exports.
The number of horse racing in the EU has dropped dramatically since last year. Small operators in this industry have been hit hard. In particular, the BBC Politics East report

An analysis by the British Horseracing Authority found that from January - February 2021 compared to January - February 2020:
British runners trained in EU races were down 67%, compared with a 23% drop in global races.