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    Help - Nikon D40x or D60 for +$120

    I had a Nikon D40x that had to be returned for refund because there were no replacements. Now my store has both a D40x and a D60 with a price difference of $120. I am using a Nikon DX lens 18-135 and I had been very happy with the D40x. I guess my question is...are the modest upgrades of the D60 worth $120?
    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Help - Nikon D40x or D60 for +$120

    I wouldn't have the D40x in my pool of cameras. I did buy the D60 and I'm satisfied with it. Here are the differences that make the D60 worth having (for me anyway)::

    - efficient anti-dust system. If you only have one lens and you never take the lens off the camera then you can do without it. Otherwise dust is a nuisance which always arrives on the sensor at the wrong moment
    - latest EXSPEED processor. It works wonders with the 10Mpix sensor (which I also have in my D200 with the older processor). 3200 ISO is fully usable
    - Active D-lighting. I don't have to have this because I can get the same effect by treating my RAW files but if you just shoot JPG's it's just what you need for contrasty light

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    Re: Help - Nikon D40x or D60 for +$120

    Check out dpreview dot com .they have a side by side comparison that is really nice. You can then see what the differences are and see if it is worth it to YOU or not. $120 is a decent chunk of change that you may want to save for something else if its going to buy features you wont use anyway.

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    Re: Help - Nikon D40x or D60 for +$120

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