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    Help me pick a lens?

    So, ive decided on the camera I am going to get. I went with the Canon XTI. Felt better, roomate has one so im used to it. Now i need a lens. dont wanna spend more then 400 on the lens i know it limits my options alot. I will be shooting everything with it just till i can get the money for spacific suff. I know i have limited options. So should I keep the kit lens? or should i buy just a body, and get a better lense? Any help and suggestions are great thanks

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    Re: Help me pick a lens?

    I think the XTi / 400 D kit lens is actually ok. But I'd rather have a better lens, if I had the money. There are two strategies, as I see it. One is to replace the kit lens with a better all-purpose zoom. The other is to compliment the kit lens with a longer zoom lens. Which sounds better to you? Would you rather have one better lens or increase your shooting options by keeping the kit lens and buying an inexpensive telephoto zoom? You say you're going to be "shooting everything." Does that include subjects where a telephoto lens would help?

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    Re: Help me pick a lens?

    I also own the XTi. The lens that I best feel gives the closest to all that your looking for is Canon's 28 - 135 IS zoom. I also own that lens and have never been dissatisfied with the results. The IS will allow you to shoot in low light and still get the shot. Fits and feels nicely on the XTi. You should be able to get one in the price range your willing to spend.
    Hope this helps!

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