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    Help me choose: Nikon D90 vs EOS 50D

    My first post here

    I know, this question was probably asked hundred of times but i still can't decide.
    Last few days i was in different shops to play with them and both of them are ... wonderful compared with my Canon S5 IS.
    50D is a little heave but i hope won't be a big inconvenient.

    Probably i would choose D90 (cheaper) but i've seen on eBay a good price for 50D:

    I know, the offer will expire soon but will be renewed probably and most likely is not the only one out there.

    Why i'm still in doubt even if i find similar prices for kit?
    Well, the body is usually changed from time to time and anyway, the lens make the biggest difference.
    Checking the prices i see, big difference of prices between Nikon lens and Canon lens.
    Or at least for 70-300 in which i'm interested...

    (I live in Canada so the prices are in CDN):
    Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM is $820 CDN
    Nikon AF-S VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED $580 CDN

    What should i understand... Canon lens are way better?? Because 30% difference in price is a lot.

    Probably the trend is the same for more expensive lens (i didn't check them because i'm pretty sure i can't afford to spend more... not now at least)

    Where i will use the camera?
    Mostly nature ... peoples. Mostly outside, probably after sunset too.
    No sport involved.

    Any opinion is welcome.
    Thank you

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    Re: Help me choose: Nikon D90 vs EOS 50D

    First, I have a 50D. This cam has a lot of potential. I'm still learning how to tap into it. The 50D, in my perception, is not for the neophyte. Getting good results from it involves an understanding of the basics of exposure and some experience with how canon cameras work.

    The D90, on the other hand, seems to have been designed for those that know little, or nothing. The samples on Dpreview are saturated and sharpened, just as if the images had been post-edited with photoshop. I hasten to add that doing this manually will bring better results because of the individual attention each image gets. But having it done for you is better than it not getting done, at all.

    I am not in a position to say canon lenses are better. I have no Nikon gear. When I got in (6 years ago) I tried a Nikon (D40, I think). The noise was awful. I traded that Nikon for a 20D, and never looked back. Now I have canon glass, so...

    However, I can describe the 70-300 IS. This is NOT a "walk-around" lens! It likes to be used from a tripod. It (mine) is tack-sharp from about 85mm all the way to 250mm. From 250-300mm is easily fixable, using "smart sharpen" in photoshop. This lens delivers good detail and very little fringing (like where the sky is behind the branches of a tall tree).

    The 50D is revealing what this lens "sees" BUT it is also showing the slightest camera shake, as high-mp cams will. This is a good combination (cam + lens) for serious shots that are set up, or do not move. But a really bad one for "real-life" situations where you have little control and one chance, to get the shot. If you use this lens hand-held plant your feet, place your elbows on your chest, your left hand beneath the lens, the eyepiece firmly into your forehead and stand really still.

    My suggestion is if you go with the 50D, get the 28-135mm IS lens with it. That lens IS a walk-around; ready, and quite able to do most things, and do them fairly well.

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    Re: Help me choose: Nikon D90 vs EOS 50D

    The 50D competes with Nikons D300, not the D90, the 50D is more designed for the professional, and the D90 the consumer. Although - HD video recording might be a cool thing for you, which the Nikon can and the Canon cant.

    Those lens are not worth it, neither of them. How much canadian dollars would a Canon 70-200 f/4 L run? Or, the 24-105 f/4L?

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    Re: Help me choose: Nikon D90 vs EOS 50D

    I, and others, do not advise buying 'kits' on ebay, unless the kit is just a body and a lens you already want.
    Even the good dealers, and I don't know the one you put up, put together a lot of junk in their kits. The tripods especially usually turn out to be something you could get from Walmart.
    The only filters you are likely to need for a dslr are circular polarizer and neutral density.
    Some like a uv for protection but if you are going to put glass in front of your expensive lens glass, it better be of good quality too or you might as well buy cheap lenses.
    You will notice they don't give you brand names of the 'extras' for the most part. There is no way to research them to see if they are any good.
    The dealer on ebay I use is Cameta which gets good reviews but they also put together these kits. You'll be paying a bunch of money for these 'extras' and you will be better off in the long run, researching filters, tripods, bags, etc and get what you really want and/or need.
    Which camera, I cannot say. I do know the D90 is renowned for being able to shoot at high iso with some of the best noise performance in the market.
    When you go Nikon or Canon or any other body, you are buying into a 'system' Nikon requires Nikon lenses or compatible and the same for Canon or any other brand. Things like who has better flash, who makes the lenses I want, plus a myriad of other peripherals need to be taken into account though both will have about anything you want I'd think.
    Google reviews for the 70-300 lenses for each manufacturer. Each has positives and negatives. The price of the Canon does seem rather high to me also but I don't know if it is that much better a lens or if its better at all.

    I wish you luck but strongly advise against buying a kit.
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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