Halfords warns of bike supply challenges as the boom cycle continues-_118959386_halfords.jpg

Halfords has warned that the slotxo company faces "acute" challenges with bicycle gear after Covid restrictions led to rising demand and lockdowns in Asia hitting manufacturers.Bicycle sales rose 54.1% in the year to April 2 as the epidemic restricted local travel and international holidays.

Halford said demand for bikes "pent up" and continued international travel restrictions will support future sales.However, it added: "The challenge in sourcing products for bicycles remains severe."

Like the sharp increase in demand for motorcycles in general, Halfords said demand for e-bikes, e-scooters and accessories increased 94 percent during the fiscal year to April 2.However, global bike supplies have been hit by shortages of components such as brakes and raw materials, and local lockdowns have also disrupted Asian businesses.

The Bicycle Association said: "Most of the bikes in the world are made in East Asia. And even bikes assembled in the EU often require components shipped from that region. This expanded supply chain means that even under normal circumstances The delivery time will be long.

The sudden increase in demand around the world puts additional pressure on production. And especially recently, there have been restrictions on shipping, which has resulted in temporary supply delays.