Google loosens Play Store payment rules to comply with South Korean law-gettyimages-1337403704.jpg

Developers will be able to use third-party payment platforms for people in South Korea.In response to a law passed earlier this year in South Korea, Google said Thursday it would allow Android app developers to add an alternative in-app

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billing system for people in the country for both its mobile and mobile apps. tablet The change comes as Google and Apple face pressure from regulators around the world. It accuses the tech giant of abusing its power in the mobile market to control app developers.

South Korea's new law prohibits tech giants like Google and Apple from requiring developers to use in-app purchases. This allows developers to choose from different payment platforms. or even create their own platform

when paying Users will be able to choose which billing system to use,” Google said in a statement today. “Over the next few weeks and months We'll share details of how it works for developers. including instructions for submitting security

checks and customer service; and A set of user experience guidelines to enable users to make informed decisions.Google's change comes amid an ongoing legal battle with Fortnite developer Epic Games,