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    Is this a good deal?

    I am interested in buying a digital SLR and thought this was a good start after reading multiple reviews and so on...

    I could not find any nikon d40 and 18-200mm VR lens kit ???

    any comments will be appreciated..


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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    its not a bad deal, but I think you could do better.Those kit lens aren't spectacular. I think you'd be better off looking for a nicer discontinued model like a Rebel XT, a Nikon D70s, KM5D, or a Sony A100 - what budget are you working with? Then I would spend the money on some nicer lens, even if you have to sacrifice a little range.

    heres an A100 with a good lens, its got great range on it too but its not fast -

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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    I don`t really know about that lens but that body is only about 300 bucks max

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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    Nikon's kit lenses are actually pretty decent, and that isn't a bad price for a D40 with that pair of lenses.
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