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The organization behind Hollywood's Golden Globe Awards expelled the former president from an article he shared about Black Lives Matter.Philip Berk, 88, has been a 44-year member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and has been president for eight years.In an email, a group with HFPA members, Berk reportedly shared an article describing BLM as a "racist hate group".He later said he regretted sending an email to the Los Angeles Times reported.He told the members that "Forward as information issues" according to the paper The Golden Globes are the most famous film awards in the United States after the Academy Awards.

But Burke's departure left a สล็อต crisis in HFPA.Earlier this year, the LA Times uncovered an offensive accusing secret organization of having no black members.HFPA, made up of nearly 90 international journalists based in LA, has vowed to announce major reforms in the coming weeks.Effective immediately, Phil Berk is no longer a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, "the company's board of directors said in a statement on Tuesday.The original email chain, which was acquired by the Los Angeles Times, appeared that other members called Berk "racist," "vile," and "humiliation" after he shared the post.

A senior HFPA official also told him it was "inappropriate" behavior. Berg replied that he "It only intends to show the crafty that devours us," and added: "I pass on this information for information that I have no hidden agenda.The article he shared has had much criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement following last summer's protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer. It also personally criticized one of the co-founders of the BLM movement.After the e-mail chain gained its popularity, HFPA said in a statement: "Since its founding, HFPA has devoted ourselves to linking cultural ties and building further understanding of different backgrounds through film and TV.

The views expressed in articles published by Mr Berk are those of the authors and not - in any shape or form - reflect HFPA's views and values. HFPA condemns racism, discrimination and discrimination. Hate in all its forms Speech and found that such language and content unacceptable. The email was not the first time Berk has caused controversy. He took a leave after writing a 2014 journal that doesn't reflect good organization, in 2018 he was accused of groping the actor's buttocks in 2003.Berk declined to comment to BBC News.

Diversity consultant released

More than 100 public relations firms are said to have threatened to cut their access to the stars unless HFPA announces major reforms.
But those efforts were tackled again after the email chain was made public. Sean Harper, a professor at the University of Southern California who has been hired as a consultant for HFPA diversity and integration, is also standing up for crisis management consultants Judy Smith.The Hollywood Reporter said Dr. Harper for adding 13 new black members, which would bring the total to 100, has been criticized

by many at the organization, who said the scope of the issue was larger than he realized.Now that I have learned more about the systemic challenges and the profound reputation of the association, I am no longer convinced of our ability to work together to deliver the ever-changing change in industries and people who are working together." I deeply respect this call from you, ”Harper said in a statement. Statement of resignation received from publication