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    The Gmail app will soon make audio and video calls.

    The Gmail app will soon make audio and video calls.-post-18-52-10-8.jpg

    Google wants Gmail to be a hub for เทรดหุ้นไม่รวย หันมาเล่น slotxo ดีกว่า more than just messages, according to The Verge. (more coming soon) This will add direct calls via Google Meet to the Gmail mobile app. You'll call your colleagues and other contacts. quickly one-on-one When an email or scheduled meeting doesn't work This feature also sends a "chip" to your computer if you want to answer on a larger screen.

    The company outlined this feature. The equivalent of an office chat "Spontaneous" in a hybrid work environment where some employees are at home. And before you ask, yes, the Meet app is finally adding this calling feature.The workspace changes also include a new, broader Gmail design that makes it a hub for other activities. Now, you'll see Google's promised "Space",

    which is the changed version of the chat room channel. Title and expand with full thread text. and the option to make search spaces visible. You can expect easier navigation between email, chat, space, and Meet, not to mention improved admin and security tools to help manage communications. Enterprise users should see these changes starting today, but daily Gmail owners will see updates later.

    Other customizations Includes the option to specify whether you're in the office or virtual on a specific day. and companion mode for Meet, which lets you use meeting room audio and video hardware. Google is also expanding the Meet hardware ecosystem. Other gadgets are Meet certified as well, such as the Rally Bar and Rally Bar solutions. Logitech's Mini includes the Rayz Rally Pro speaker dock.

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    Re: The Gmail app will soon make audio and video calls.

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