The FTC is reportedly investigating Amazon's purchase of MGM.-ftc-has-reportedly-opened-investigation-into-amazons-mgm-acquisition-990x557.jpg

Buying Amazon's MGM may take longer than planned. Sources say the Federal Trade Commission has launched an "in-depth" investigation into Amazon's purchase of MGM over its antitrust potential. Officials are concerned

about the potential for slotxo acquisitions to "enhance" Amazon's influence in offering goods and services, not just the content it produces.MGM declined to comment. We ask for feedback from Amazon.

The probe wouldn't be completely unexpected. The FTC and the Justice Department agreed to review the deal when Big Tech critic Lina Khan was named FTC chairman. Amazon expects a crackdown. and tried to demand Khan's refusal in the upcoming case.

She is not expected to succumb to the MGM investigation.This doesn't always result in the FTC blocking the deal. Although it may set the terms of purchase. And it could easily delay the deal by months.