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In the second episode of the สล็อต new podcast Found, our guest Brie Code Code is the founder and CEO of TRU LUV, a Toronto-based startup rooted in the gaming industry. Instead, it takes a completely different approach to design an interactive experience based on the historically overlooked inspirational paradigm known as 'trend-and -befriend', an alternative to 'fight-or-fight' response. fly 'That is aimed at most AAA game studios.Code's startup developed #SelfCare,

a mobile app that encourages users to explore a wide variety of interactive experiences that aim to do more than just motivate them to engage in competitive behavior. With other players or against computer-controlled enemies. The motivation for creating this type of code comes from the realization of its absence in the existing market and identifying a large, unresolved demand gap. From her expertise in the game industry's

engineering interactions for non-player characters (NPCs) and her exploration of academic research on the topic.A'promising and friendly' code set up to create a scalable business that redefines the model. Entertainment category TRU LUV's first point of contact with the user could be an app. But the start-up has big ambitions that extend to a bigger mission to "Maintaining our relationship with technology," a conversation with the founder behind the pursuit

revealed how deeply the mission was with her and her startup.We hope you will benefit from the same deep and interesting conversations as we do, and be sure to subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your podcast app of choice. We'd love to always get your feedback, so feel free to reach out via Twitter or email and check back for the next episode next week.