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    Flash Transmitter Issues

    Hi all,

    Newbie here, I have recently started having problems with my Kenro Flash transmitter, I use the Nikon D200, when putting the transmitter into the hot shoe it seems to have a mind of its own and fires the lights intermitenly, then doesnt fire when I am shooting a subject unless I tape the transmitter into place... I purchased a new transmitter which fires when pressing the test button but is not firing when I am trying to shoot a picture???? anyone have any ideas?

    I have read people have had issues with their D200 hot shoe when using a flash.. can anyone enlighten me on how to sort this issue out??



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    Re: Flash Transmitter Issues

    I don't know but the first thing I'd check is whether the contacts are clean and even if they are, I'd clean them anyway.
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    Re: Flash Transmitter Issues

    what are you using the transmitter for?

    i have a d200 as well and it controls my external (nikon) flash, absolutely fantastically, using just the pop up flash.
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    Re: Flash Transmitter Issues

    I use a similar device with my D200 when I shoot at the association's studio (their devices are radio-controlled but the idea is the same). There are no special settings to do on the D200. On the device there is a knurled wheel to screw the mount down gently but firmly to ensure that the contact with the camera is good.

    I suspect that your device is not making good contact with the hotshoe contact. Make sure that it's positioned correctly so that the central contact of the hotshoe is lined up with the contact of the device. And if there is a screw on the device mount, make sure that the device is firmly in contact with the camera

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