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Thread: First DSLR

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    First DSLR


    I'm new to the world of SLRs, but have the option to get one of the following. Are these good options, in particular for beginners?

    The reason I'm getting this camera is for use whilst travelling south america (wildlife and landscape shots in particular).

    - Nikon P100 10MP Camera
    - Sony A290 14MP DSLR With 18 to 55 Lens
    - Nikon D3000 10.2MP DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens
    - Canon EOS 1000D 10MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens.
    - Sony A390 DSLR Camera with 18 to 55 Lens
    - Pentax KX 12MP DSLR With 18 - 55mm Lens

    Many thanks

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    Re: First DSLR

    Several observations to start with:

    - in your choice of cameras you have one superzoom bridge (the Nikon P100) and a collection of entry-level DSLR's with the basic kit lens. The DSLR's will take better quality images than the P100 but they can't match the range of the superzoom of the P100 without you adding some extra lenses which would make quite an expensive, bulky set of kit

    - you are going to South America which I think is a fairly risky place to take a show-off camera with lots of gear

    - if you want to do wildlife then you need a long telephoto lens. The 55mm setting on the 18-55 is a weak telephoto and just isn't enough.

    My sister goes on holiday to exotic places shooting birds. I gave her a DSLR (D70) with two pretty good lenses. She said it was too big and heavy to carry around so she sold it and bought herself a P100 which she is very pleased with. Havn't been able to check it out yet.

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    Re: First DSLR

    The P100 isn't a SLR, but has a long telephoto zoom useful for wildlife.
    I'm interested to see how its quality compares to SLRs.

    All the SLR kits have short focal length lenses, so you'll need another lens or two for wildlife.
    You said you were travelling, those extras you will carry with a SLR may be significant.
    So the A290 vs the A390 on weight alone - but the A390 live view may be a good feature for landscapes (with a tripod).
    I'm impressed by the weight and feel of the Sony cameras, they fit my small hands nicely.

    The D3000 has built-in "intelligent Guide mode" functions which might be of use to you, as a beginner, but I wouldn't make that a major feature in the decision.

    The Pentax KX is interesting, because it uses AA batteries it may be a real advantage if you're away from electricity to charge the batteries, but it's heavier.

    It's really hard to pick one, though some of those features may swing your decision - I'm not sure that bullet points in a comparative list tells the full story.

    You can check out our reviews here, to see what owners of the camera have to say about them.

    I think that in the end the best way to decide its to try them; I used our local Jessops for that a few years ago - trying every DSLR they had before deciding which one suited me best.

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