Facebook moves to protect Afghan users' accounts amid Taliban takeover-_120087274_c94b8322-4928-452d-a03c-195a3098251b.jpg

Facebook has introduced new security measures for users concerned about security in Afghanistan. As the Taliban continues to seize powerthe company said "Remove the ability to view and search 'friends' lists for Facebook accounts in Afghanistan

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Professional networking site LinkedIn has also taken steps by hiding anyone's connections in the country.There are concerns that the Taliban are using social media to track their opponents.Additional security measures were announced Thursday

by Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of security policy.We have launched a one-click tool for people in Afghanistan to quickly lock their accounts. when their profile is locked People who aren't their friends will not be able to download or share

their profile pictures or view posts on their timeline, Gleicher tweeted.He said on Facebook-owned Instagram, "We are launching a pop-up notification in Afghanistan with specific steps on how to protect your account.Mr Gleicher added that Facebook