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Facebook missed several opportunities to crack down on the "Stop the Steal" movement that sparked the Jan. 6 riots in the US agency, according to an internal report obtained by BuzzFeed News.Reports say Facebook has failed to recognize the threats posed by the movement, despite numerous warning signs. It also details how Facebook in some instances was unable to enforce its own rules, and “members of the supposedly banned group remain on Facebook and can be linked to supporters of Stop the Steal and Patriot. Party to help undermine elections

The most important finding was that slotxo ทดลองเล่น Facebook failed to recognize until after the January 6 riots that many different "Stop the Steal" groups and pages were. This has resulted in Facebook banning individual pages and groups while allowing others to stay. Notably, Facebook banned the mention of "Stop the Steal" days after the riots. "Following the Central Authority riots and the Capital Storm events across the country, we realized that each group assignment and slogan had been a great deal of action. It's a consistent movement, ”the report said.

The report also suggested that Facebook's existing policies may not go far enough, recording how Facebook is so focused on preventing coordinated untrustworthy behavior - actions organized by fake accounts or playing profiles. Its platform game - but not prepared for coordinated malicious behavior from legitimate accounts: “What do we do when the movement is truly coordinated through grassroots or real methods? But it is inherently dangerous and violates the spirit of our policy, ”the report asked.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company told BuzzFeed it was "not a final report," and it is "continuing to study what happened so we can continue to improve our content moderation.Questions about Facebook's role in enabling the Jan. 6 event have been given new priorities as lawmakers consider how to regulate the social media platform. Meanwhile, the governing body will determine whether Donald Trump's suspension should be lifted, a decision that some supporters argue should be delayed until it considers Facebook's role in the uprising.