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Thread: Which DSLR

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    Which DSLR

    Years ago, I did quite a bit of photography with 35 mm film - family stuff and also B & W
    to illustrate outdoor scenes, fishing, hunting, shooting, etc. articles for magazines. The writing and photography was just a hobby but I managed to sell more than 60 articles and it was lots of fun. I am now retired and would like to try writing again. I need a DSLR that will produce photos suitable for publication. I will need shots of outdoor scenes and throphies.Also, will need close-up shots of fishing lures, targets, expanded bullets, etc. I am considering one of the following cameras: D-50, K-100D or E-500. My research indicates that these cameras are close to the same quality, Which would you guys choose for my purposes? Also, should I get the kit lens with the camera or should I just get the camera body and get a better lens? Can I get one lens that will work for both outdoor shots and close-ups. Or do I need a special micro lens for the close-ups? Please tell me what you guys think. I am new to digital and this stuff is confusing to me.

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    Re: Which DSLR


    I won't speak to the cameras you have listed as I do not have first hand experience with any of them. I will say that I would suggest that you look into the quality of the pictures that can be produced by each of the cameras you have listed. Especially the quality with a high, 400 or above, ISO setting. You may need to shoot in low light and that is where a high ISO is usefull.

    As for lenses, I don't know of any good quality glass that covers your needs in one lens. Maybe someone else does. Sigma and Tamron make some lenses that cover a very wide range with Macro, but the quality of the lens is not the best.

    From my prospective you will need around two or even better three lenses to do what you want. A good walk around lens with decent wide to portrait capabilities. Something in the 17mm - 50mm telephoto range. For good closeups of bullet, lures, etc. you will need a Macro lens. One that will give you a 1:1 closeup would probably the best. There are some A good telephoto lens would also be helpfull. 70mm - 200mm or higher, depending on how far away you sometimes have to be away from your subject. You may even need to look at something in the 400mm or 500mm range.

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