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    Dropped camera, view finder not alligned?

    Hi, I'm new here. I dropped my sony dslr the other day, from a height of less than 4 feet onto concrete. The lens glass, a 18-70, was not cracked. However, when I turned on the camera, there was a brief vibration which felt identical to the cleaning mode the camera goes through when it is shut off. Weird, I thought. I took a few test shots, and I noticed that what I saw in the viewfinder was about 1/4 lower than what came out in the pictures. For instance, if the base of a picture in the viewfinder was a persons feet, the actual base of the picture would be the persons knees. The pictures came out crystal clear though, just not aligned with the viewfinder. When I turned off the camera, I didn't feel any cleaning vibration. I can't figure out whats wrong with my camera.

    The symptoms are
    -vibration upon start up
    -no vibration during shut down, like it did previously
    -misaligned viewfinder?

    Can anyone help? Thanks

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    Re: Dropped camera, view finder not alligned?

    It sounds like the mirror used to reflect the image into the viewfinder during viewing has moved. You have to send the camera to the repair shop.

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    Re: Dropped camera, view finder not alligned?

    I agree. Anytime you drop a camera, at the very least you've knocked things out of alignment requiring it to be serviced. And there may be even more wrong that hasn't reared it's ugly head. 4 feet is a heck of a height.

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