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    Question Digital SLR Recommendations

    I am looking for some recommendations for a new DSLR. I am wanting to take mostly wildlife photography so I am probably looking to spend a bit less (under $1000) for the camera body so that I can save some money for a 300mm telephoto. I would like to hear feedback based on this criteria...I amconsider myself a beginner, but do have some experience years ago with an old pentax SLR and was able to take some nice photos.

    Total Budget: $2K
    1. Mega Pixels: 8mg range (I really will not be doing many large prints)
    2. Fps: Probably need to be satisfied with 3, but would like 5
    3. Fast Shutter Release
    4. Fast Aperture (probably cannot afford f2.8 at this time)
    5. Auto Focus Points: Not less than 5
    6. Aspect Ratio: 3:2 is fine
    7. ISO: ??
    8. Crop Factor: 1.5x or less
    9. Anti Shake: desirable, but not necessary

    1. Wide Angle for Landscapes: 10-28mm is an acceptable minimum width.
    2. Kit Lens: 50-100m (this would be used for portraits)
    3. 300-400mm telephoto

    I would like some feedback from some of you with experience.

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    Re: Digital SLR Recommendations

    I'd recommend spending a bit more and getting those extra megapixels. It's not about large prints, it's about cropping. No matter how large a lens you get, you're always going to wish you had been closer. More megapixels allows you to get a larger print from a smaller section of the total image.

    You're right about wanting a large aperture. Not only will this give you faster shutter speeds, but a small depth of field can help separate the subject from the background with a decent amount of background blur. Unfortunately, large aperture and long telephoto is a very expensive combination.

    - Joe U.
    I have no intention of tiptoeing through life only to arrive safely at death.

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    Re: Digital SLR Recommendations

    Hi Bartmaverick, I'd have to say if you are a beginner, just stick with the Nikon D-80 or an equivalent. It's not how much money you spend on the camera or the lens but, the person behind the camera operating the system. Besides, they are coming out with newer technologies every year. They are getting better and better every year. Try out a Nikon or Canon around the eqivalent of the Nikon D-80 (10 mega-pixals) then as you get better with your skills, you can always move to bigger and better things.

    Regards, Erik Barnes

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    Re: Digital SLR Recommendations

    I just spent the amount you mention on a 14.2 mp camera outfit, the Sony A350.
    Body and 18-70 kit lens is $899.00. I got battery grip, 250.00. Extra required battery,
    $70.00. Also the Zeiss 16-20 F/3.5 - 4.5 zoom lens at $689.00. Sandisk 4gb ultra lll memory card for $90.00. Lots of pixel density for crops. Very very good IQ. This outfit covers everything except the long wildlife lens. Several economical lens in the 300mm range are available for this camera. ALL lens will be stabilized as the camera has stabilization. You may not require stabilized image taking right now, but if you try it I bet you will want it for sure.

    Just an alternative. If you want to do without the battery grip, you could pick up a 70 - 300 zoom to get you started for the amount you specify.

    Previous comment about never being close enough or having big enough lens for wildlife is absolutely on the mark.

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