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    Question Digital Camera acting up need some help

    I am posting for the first time.Hi to all. My problem is that my Panasonic Lumix is not working.After taking pics and shutting down the camera, when I turn it back on to take more, it tells me I need to format my card. And I end up losing all of my pictures.
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    Any and all suggestions and/or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Digital Camera acting up need some help

    I'd say your card is probably dying. How long have you had it?

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    Re: Digital Camera acting up need some help

    Sorry to hear that. Cards are cheap compared to memories. Have you tried using the card in other cameras/pda/laptop to see if it gives those devices errors as well?

    Perhaps the contacts on the card or camera need to be swabbed down with an alcohol moistened Q-Tip.

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    Re: Digital Camera acting up need some help

    Copy the photos on your memory card to your computer, then format the card in your camera. My guess is that will take care of the problem. You don't need to lose your photos. You just need to bypass the camera by using a card reader instead of connecting to the computer with your camera. Most of us recommend using a card reader, anyway. Then you don't have to deal with temperamental digital camera software. And a card reader is easier to use, anyway.

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