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    Dental Photography with Lester A Dine

    I am in the market to purchase a digital SLR camera for intra / extra oral photography. I came across the Lester A. Dine ring / point flash apparatus which could also be purchased with 105mm Sigma Lens for $950. The price is basically = to the Canon 100mm Macro with the MR-14 Ring flash. I would like to know if anyone out there has used the Lester Dine Apparatus and how does it compare to other setups.

    Ari Dubov

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    Re: Dental Photography with Lester A Dine

    I m going to buy on Lester A Dine ( but i have been looking for information about this web site and i couldnt find any so iīd like to know if you bought there or somewere else and what advice you could tell me about this website or any other because i havenīt found a website for buy my SLR camera for intra / extra oral photography.

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    Re: Dental Photography with Lester A Dine

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    Re: Dental Photography with Lester A Dine

    Does anyone know of an appropriate lens to take dental photos using NIKON D3000?

    I have an 18-55mm zoom with it. I've discovered on many forums that the macro lens is ideal to shoot dental photos but I can't afford to buy a costly lens A lens with a value of 300 dollars should suffice.

    Are there any decent images I can take with the standard lens that comes with it, or is it an absolute requirement to purchase the lens that is macro?
    dmd vs dds

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