Dead Bird Video Examines River Pollution Fears-1200x0.jpg

A video showing a dead bird being thrown into a cave is being reviewed by Natural Resources Wales.The footage was taken by League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) at Dyfi Falls near Machynlleth.

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It shows a man throwing dozens of remains over a fence that the LACS fears may contaminate a nearby river.Cambrian Birds, who organized the filming, said the man was "deeply reprimanded and no longer works for the company".

LACS said it had reported the incident in November to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and police, adding there were concerns that “Dead pheasants and quail contaminate water flowing into the nearby Llyfnant River and this could be a risk.

to human life"Luffingham, LACS campaign director, said: “The film shows a bird being accidentally thrown into a cave. Next to one of Wales' most sensitive and protected areas. Because of the range, quality and diversity of habitats,