Cyrus Arnieri filming love in the Queer Liberation Parade-cyrus_arnieri_phoblographer_03-770x1051.jpg

I see people free to hug and kiss again,” film photographer Cyrus Arnieri tells me looking back at the third March of Queer Liberation earlier this summer. “I saw people walking with purpose. I see people who remember what we lost in the past year.

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at the park I see people free A naked figure glowed in a New York park with a smile. Strangers embrace and feel happy together.”Want your work to stand out? Here's how to do it!Organized by the Reclaim Pride Coalition in response to more commercial incidents,

the Queer Liberation March does not allow any police or organization to float. In New York City on Sunday, June 27, temperatures were 90 degrees as thousands of people traveled from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park. People cheered from the rooftops.

Others played music from the sidewalk.At the fountain at Washington Square Park, marchers dance at night and dip in the fountain. A husband and wife got engaged as floodwaters flooded the crowd. “The LGBTQ+ community has always been there for each other,” Arnieri says.