Countries are sending aid to tackle the worst bushfires in decades.-_119235036_1c2b93da-6e5d-436d-acd4-15d933d9ae9a.jpg

Several countries responded to Cyprus petitions to help tackle massive bushfires. which officials say is the worst in the country's history.

The United Kingdom,
Greece, Italy and Israel were among the helpers. including firefighting planes Cyprus says its mission to dump water helps reduce fire outbreaks. But warned that the fire could spread again.

on sunday Four people died in wildfires, which were blown by strong winds.The fire has spread throughout the southern region of Limassol. and forced to evacuate many villages Over 20 sq m (50 sq m) of forest and agricultural land were destroyed along with the power lines.

Firefighters race to prevent wildfires from spreading to Makiras National Forest.It's the worst bushfire in the history of Cyprus," Forest Service director Charalambos Alexandrou told local television.