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    Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art?

    Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art?-_117743488_tattoobykaylanewell3-credit-kaylanewell.jpg

    When Kayla Newell bought tattoo ink, she brought UV light with her.A Portland, Oregon-based tattoo artist created a stunning design using paints that look like fluorescent under ultraviolet light.Most people don't realize that a lot of off-the-shelf tattoo ink has this effect, she said. And she discovered a new glow shade by waving UV light onto an ink bottle on the tattoo shop shelf. Ms Newell also avoided phosphorus-based pigments. Although it might cause the ink to glow. But there are also concerns about the effects on health.

    But Ms. Newell had a dream of สล็อต เอ็กโอ going even further with her designs. In recent years, articles on experimental electronic tattoos with built-in lights and electric circuits have fueled her imagination. The scientists behind such systems generally aim to use it in a medical context, for example, to monitor people's vital signs.Ms Newell suggested that the same technology could be used for artistic purposes.You can create something that goes entirely from one moment to another," she said.

    Something that is likely to have a spark or a light source inside it. But to be able to turn them on or off or change colors, that would look great.She is not alone There is a whole social media stream of digital artists putting virtual lighting effects on videos of new tattoos to make it look like body art can emit moving colors. It is no different from a small neon sign that is imprinted on a person's body. Unfortunately for cybernetics tattoo artists, technology still doesn't match this vision. Even though the work is in progress Recently, a team of researchers working in Italy and the UK have been demonstrating a real light-emitting tattoo device by a team of researchers working in Italy and the UK. The system is not designed to be implanted under the skin.

    But it gets stuck on top on a piece of peel-off paper when applied with water - just like transfer tattoos.Other researchers have discussed similar designs before, but Virgilio Mattoli said his colleagues came up with the idea after watching his child play with the transfer tattoo.They create layers of equipment, some of which are deposited by inkjet printers. Among its components are acrylic layers, flexible electrodes and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that glow yellow-green.When you type this, you can theoretically print any shape you want," said Dr. Mattoli.

    To date, the team has only handled the tiny square-shaped lights in devices that only lasted an hour or so. And they haven't tried it on humans yet, though they've tested sticking their tattoos on inanimate objects, including a bottle of juice, paracetamol, and oranges.Dr Mattoli argues that one day it will be possible to implant all necessary components into transferable tattoos, including sensors to monitor someone's vital signs, such as heart rate or skin hydration and Power source to keep the device running for a few more hours, at least.he prototype may be the first step. But among those excited about it was Nick Williams, a PhD student at Duke University in the United States. "I think it was an impressive demonstration," he said.

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    Re: Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art?

    While looking for an equipment upgrade for my tattoo parlor, I came across this online store . The range of armrests is simply amazing: you can choose models with different height and angle adjustments, which is especially important for tattooing on difficult areas of the body. The quality of service is at the highest level - managers helped to make a choice and provided all the necessary information about the products. The delivery was completed on time, which indicates the reliability and professionalism of the company. An excellent store for high-level specialists!

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