Clues how birds migrate using Earth's magnetic field-0.38950100_1613313947_birds.jpg

The mystery of the long-distance migration of
birds over land and water is nearing its conclusion.from the study of robins Scientists have discovered clues to how birds sensed the Earth's magnetic field.

Just as you might pick up a magnetic compass to find north or south. It is believed that the bird has Built-in "living compass"Chemicals in the eye that are sensitive to magnetic fields may be proof of this theory. from a new study

Peter Hor, professor of chemistry at the University of Oxford, said it was possible birds could "see" Earth's magnetic field. Although we don't know for sure.

We think we may have identified a molecule that allows small migratory songbirds to detect the direction of Earth's magnetic field. which is no doubt why and use that information to help guide them as they migrate thousands of kilometers.

For decades, scientists have been researching how animals such as birds, sea turtles, fish and insects perceive the Earth's magnetic field. and use it to find its path

European robins are strong in research studies. A bird's built-in "living compass" that may be used to orient itself using the Earth's magnetic field.