Climate bill will destroy NI agriculture-_117727080_pacemaker_cold_weather_in_n_ireland_05.jpg

The Ulster Farmers' Union (UFU) says climate bills backed by most Stormont parties would be a "bane" to the agricultural industry in Northern Ireland.The bill sets a net zero carbon emissions target by 2045.The trade union has prepared a report on the impact of the bill on agriculture.

A report carried out by
KPMG estimated the target could lead to 13,000 jobs.It also warned of dramatic cuts in livestock stocks and the loss of billions of pounds of economic productivity.The law was drafted by an organization

called Climate Coalition NI and is working on behalf of Green Party leader Claire Bailey.Ms Bailey said she understood the concerns farmers had. But it doesn't believe the impact of her bill will be as severe as the report suggests.It is backed by the Sinn Féin,

Ulster Unionists, Alliance Party, SDLP and a handful of independents - only the Democratic Unionist (DUP) is unregistered.Victor Chestnutt, president of UFU, said the report was shocking and showed that "The rural lifestyle will disappear beyond recognition.