A Civil War-era gold ring unearthed in the Isle of Man.-_118116080_ring1.jpg

A gold and crystal mourning ring thought to be associated with the Lord of Man during the English Civil War was discovered by a metal detector on the Isle of Man.The 350-year-old "fragile" fragment was discovered in a field in the southern part of the island by Lee Morgan at the end of December.It has been revealed at a formal declaration of property.

The ring will เกมสล็อตxo now be on display in a medieval gallery at the Manx Museum.Allison Fox, Manx National Heritage curator, said the piece, emblazoned with the letters JD or ID, would be built to "High status person"There is "a possibility that it might be related to the Stanley family, formerly the Lord of Man," she said.Although the initials on the ring, which date back to the mid to late 1600s, may refer to the 7th Earl of Derby and Lord of Man James Stanley, who supported the wartime royal cause.

By the time Congress was executed in 1651, he adopted the signature J Derby.After the death of his wife, Charlotte, Lady Derby, it was determined not to forget his name.The mourning ring, including the initials of the deceased, is sometimes distributed at funerals.The ring will be on display at the museum on Saturday and will be valued later.Artifacts found on the island that are at least 300 years old

and containing at least 10% precious metal are classified as treasure and must be reported to Manx National Heritage, with the discoverer pays compensation.Fox said the findings reported to the organization make "A great contribution to the knowledge of the archeology and history of the Isle of Man"