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    Choosing a digital SLR

    My Fiancee and I are looking to buy a digital SLR. Both of us have a bit of experience with SLRs (Her D, and me not so D).
    She's an artist, and enjoys artistic photography, where as I like to take pictures of nifty things. For me, the main draw of a DSLR is the autofocus time. I want to be able to take pictures of things like wildlife on the side of the road, as I go past.

    We've been looking at the Canon range, partially because that's what her dad has, so lens interoperability is nice, but partially because the Canons have 8MP, whereas the Nikons have 6MP.

    If we're going with the Canon range, I want something with the Digic II processor, so that eliminates the 20D. I don't think we're ready for something over $2,000, so we're not going to be looking at a 5D.

    That leaves us the 350D (Digital Rebel XT), and the 30D. I can see what the majority of the technical differences are between the two, but I can't tell how any of those will practically affect us.

    So please leave suggestions of which one fits us best--or tell me about one I've completely neglected--or let me know what the practical differences between the two will be.


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    Re: Choosing a digital SLR

    From Canon's website "Professional photographers and advanced amateurs will be astonished with the incredibly sophisticated abilities of the Canon EOS 20D digital SLR. With a large 8.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor (APS-C size) and the DIGIC II image engine, the EOS 20D delivers high-speed image processing, outstanding resolution and natural colour reproduction."

    20D is cheaper than the 30D, has a few less features that I never missed.
    If price is a factor I'd look for a 20D and then buy nicer lenses

    Practically the autofocus speed on the 20D or 30D makes them more attractive than the 350XT. It's about the only thing you've mentioned that makses me favour spending more on the body though.

    Don't get too hung up on the MP count, picture quality is related to more things than just how many pixels you've got. How big they are, how big the sensor is, what kind of sensor, what processing it gets after reading off the sensor, all contributes to the quality of the image.
    Again I personally think there's not a lot between the 20D and 30D there, but they both outshine the 350XT.

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    Re: Choosing a digital SLR

    OOps, My mistake. I guess I was remembering the difference between the Digital Rebel and the Digital Rebel XT.

    The one factor for me between the 20D and the 30D is the spot metering. I can see that being quite useful for someone like my fiancee, but as I said, I'm not overly experienced with SLR cameras.

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