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    Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    I am torn as to which camera to buy. I am considering a Canon 40D, Nikon D80, Nikon D200, or waiting for Nikon D300 in Nov. I am looking for a camera to do general shooting as well as macro shots of smiles in my dental office. Please advise...

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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    Either brand will work fine. You should go to a local camera dealer, and get your hands on all the models you are considering. One may feel better than the other, and the way the controls are set up on one may be easier for you to use. All the camereas you listed are very capable of doing what you want.

    Take a good look at the lens and accessories you think you will want as well. You are buying into a complete photo system, and knowing what's available in that system is a good place to start as well. That being said, I'm sure both Nikon and Canon with have everything that you need, but it's still worth checking out before you buy into a system.

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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    I've been a Nikon shooter since the early 70's and wouldn't consider anything else. But some one just getting into photography, it really doesn't matter because they are both high quality equipment companies. You just need to research each as to your specific needs and choose based on that. If you want the opinion of another dentist who is an excellent photographer as well email or PM Lionheart (Leon). He can certainly give you a professionals opinion.
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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    I was basically in the same boat as you were when I was just starting and I went with Nikon. My reasonings were my Dad had some old gear that I knew would work with my DSLR, and I could use his stuff until I could get my own. I was actually using a Canon SLR at the time.

    The biggest reason I went with Nikon is the cameras just felt better in my hands. The Canon cameras to me seem a little bigger, and they just don't fit right in my hands. My Nikon's do though.

    On another note, for the sports company I freelance for we use Canon gear. Both excellent companies, excellent gear. You wouldn't go wrong with either one.
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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    Flip a coin. Really, they're both capable of excellent work. At one time or another, one will have an edge over the other but it tends to go back and forth. Over time it all equals out.

    I've shot Nikon for several years and don't have much equipment at the moment due to selling some of it, then soaking my DSLR and one lens over the summer. My flash will need to be updated to take full advantage of the current Nikon system. I did look at switching to Canon because I figured this would be the easiest time to do it, but I don't see any major life-changing advantage to doing it - especially with the D300 coming out.

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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    All the cameras you list are good. For closeups of smiles you're going to have to investigate the lenses you'll be using.
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    It's in your hands

    How fast are those teeth moving? Is the 3 frames per second of the D80 enough, do you need 5fps of the D200, 6FPS of the 40D or the 8fps of the D300 with booster? Sorry. Most of the cameras you mention sound like overkill. The D300 is probably the best, but do you need it?

    Go into the camera store, take the different models in your hands and see which one you are most at home with. It's as simple as that. They are all good.

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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    No way to get help on this one!! It's all you!!

    I'm a Canon fan.... but that is because of how comfortable it feels to me!

    in any case here's a fun article:

    Cheers and good luck choosing!


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    Re: Canon, Nikon Cant decide

    Remember... it's the lens that matters, so set aside a pretty reasonable (up to 50%) of your budget for the lens. If I were you I would go for either the D80 or the D300 coming out. No point in getting the D200 with the improved model coming in. Nikon has some really top notch lenses, especially their telephotos; however, if this is for wildlife photography I warn you that the Nikon telephotos are more expensive than their canon equivelents, although I challenge you to find a better set of telephoto zooms out there. For wide angles Nikon has an even better selection than Canon. It is up to you, but from my experience, unless I was going to buy a 5d, I would go with Nikon/
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