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Thread: Camera Decision

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    Camera Decision

    Hello! I am a newbie. I guess I wanted to get a few opinions before I make my purchase.

    I am interested in the Canon Digital Rebel xti. I have been visiting online sites and area camera stores and Wolf Camera really sold me. The gentleman that helped me was most helpful explaining things to me and the little additions. Here is the problem. I was only planning on getting the basics and not spending more than $1000. He was telling me about the No Fault/clean and maintenance warranty they have that includes up to 2 free cleanings a year for $248.40, and this plan can be renewed every two years. That alone with the cost of the camera bumps me up over my $$$ amount. Add the filters, memory card and a camera bag, well, there you go. lol I want an additional flash, plus another lens but I know those are things that can wait. I guess my main question is do I really want to buy something so expensive without the warranty? I mean, until I visited Wolf, I didn't even know there was such a thing (besides all the other electronics other stores ask if you want to add extra warranty on it as you checkout). It sounds really good. What do you think, wait a few months, and get the extra money up before I make my purchase?

    This is such a scary process for me. If you knew me IRL, you would understand why I would be asking so many questions. I have never been one to make decisions on my own. LOL

    I took photograhy in high school. I had a SLR Minolta that no longer works. I love my SLR, but I like the instant gratification that the digitals give these days.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you all!!! TIA!


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    Re: Camera Decision

    From all the reading I've done, extra warranties are not worth the money.
    Does this cleaning include the sensor?
    People with more expertise might have a different view.
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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