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Thread: Which camera?

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    Which camera?

    Hello everyone,
    I consider myself an avid amateur photographer that has taken pictures any chances he got. I had several people, both at work (co-workers and clients), and at home (family and friends) that have made very positive comments about my photography, and wondered why I wouldn't do it more of a job rather then only a hobby.
    Photography has always been my secret passion, but never thought to do it for a living. Until now.

    I'd like to know which camera would you suggest I should buy. I'm between the Nikon and Canon, but not sure the model. D90? XSi? 50D? D200? (the D300 is a little too much for me right now). There are a lot of options out there, and it's not easy. In addition I'd need to get new lenses, so that has to be consider too. I can't invest a crazy amount of money right now, but my budget is around $1,300/1,500. Any help is greatly appreciate it.


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    Re: Which camera?

    To be brutally frank the limiting factor with most cameras is the photographer, not the equipment. All the cameras you mention are capable of very good results, you need to pick the one that feels right for you.
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    Re: Which camera?


    Welcome to the forum...

    Now is the $1,300 to $1,500 just for the camera and a lens package or are you looking to get the body only and another lens just to start with? What are you looking to shoot,everything under the sun, landscape, wildlife, portraits?

    As stated by Straightarm, you should go out and see how these cameras feel to you. One model might fit your hands perfect as another just might not feel good at all. I know when I was looking I spent two to three months seeing how the different cameras felt in my hands. As this will bring your list down to one or two models to choose from. At that point you can ask questions to see how one might benefit you more over the other one.

    Good luck.


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    Re: Which camera?

    At least split the cost of lens and camera body evenly - don't spend all of your budget on camera body to spend nothing on lens. That would be like getting a 4 cylinder Ferrari. And you shouldn't feel limited to Nikon and Canon, there are plenty of options out there and its unfair to yourself to unnecessarily narrow options. Competition in DSLR technology is amazingly fierce, and as such every brand system has its own niche of excelling performance.

    If you want to do it professionally - in portraiture - you *must* invest in lighting equipment. Thats the bare minimum too, I might add - thats not including studio chairs, posing blocks, muslin, backdrop stands, pro tripod, step ladder (yes, step ladder) all your carrying equipment, etc etc etc. To do this for work, be ready to throw down a lot more money than $1500. Ideally in portraiture, you would throw down at least $3k for a full frame DSLR, and at least another $2k on a good portrait lens (~28-100 f2.8-). Your investment doesn't end with the purchase of a DSLR, it has only just begun.

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    Check out the opposition

    You're thinking of becoming a professional? There are certainly other professionals in your area. Try to find out what they are using. You need to satisfy the same clients as they do. If the clients are very demanding you may find they've all invested in full-frame DSLR's but the chances are they've settled for less.

    When I go to weddings round here (as a simple guest) I quite often find I've outgunned the official photographer if I take along my pro DSLR with the f2.8 lenses.

    Out-of-context but a special mention for Malick Sidibé who is doing wonderful portrait work in Bamako (Mali, Africa) with the same twin-lens reflex film camera he's always used and a studio with just window light

    Nikon D800, D7200, Sony RX100m3
    Not buying any more gear this year. I hope

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