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Thread: Which camera?

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    Which camera?

    I am wanting a Digital SLR in the price range under $800.00.
    I need help deciding what to purchase. I will be taking pictures of horses both in outdoor and indoor lighting. Horses will be moving and stading still.

    I am new to DLR cameras and want to make sure I get the right camera for quality photos.

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    They're All Good

    Do you have any preferences? What kind of experience do you have? A little more infromation would help us give you a better recommendation. I really believe that all of the current digital SLRs are excellent. There are shades of good, of course. And I might choose difference cameras for different kinds of work. But I think any entry-level DSLR will serve you well. For the kind of work you're talking about, your lens choice is probably going to be more important.

    Tell us more about your photo experience, any photographic problems you might have had in the past, and any brand preferences you have, and we can give you some better direction. In the meantime, just in case you haven't already looked, here's a link to the digital SLRs in our reviews:

    Digital SLR Reviews >>

    Hope that helps. I'll be checking for your reply

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    Re: Which camera?

    Well for horses you wont need anything ultra wide (unless a very large herd of horses?) or super telephoto. I personally shoot with Sony, and I think they have the most value priced camera bodies on the market right now, always priced at least $100-$200 less then their competing models. I would look at the A200, or if you want live view mode, look at the A300 - at under $500 and $600. If you were wanting to save money without sacrificing quality, look at the minolta lens which fit it, particularly the 24-105 f3.5-4.5. I personally shoot with the Minolta 24-50 f4, 50 f1.7, and 70-210f4 - a great set of lens, top top quality if you don't mind the bulk and the rather simple range (crop factor making for 36-315). Canon and Nikon have great alternatives as well though, but there are plenty of other people here more familiar with those systems than I, so I will let them explain it. And of course, if you were wanting something more lightweight and portable, you should look at Olympus.

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