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    Budget of 1200, Suggestions for lens Canon XTI.

    Ok, let's see how many will bite this.

    I have read this form, spoke to some photographers about learning about lenses and now I want to find out what you guys think of what I should purchase.

    My budget is roughly $1200. I plan to purchase the Canon XTI for around 700-800 kit which leaves me 400/500 dollars left. What lens should I purchase?

    I plan to purchase the following outside the 1200 budget.

    Buying these overtime
    Canon 50mm f/1.8?
    Some type of case.
    Memory (any recommendations?)
    Flash (speedlite perhaps)

    Do I really need anything else? I want to make the first big bang purchase for the camera and lenses. I'm just stuck on which I should purchase. I know that some will question me about what I will intend to take shots off but I want to be as verstatile as possible. I won't be taking macro shots but I guess if I have the capabilty it would be nice but as long as it doesn't tap into the budget.

    Hopefully room for 2 more lense within 500-600 budget left...roughly.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Budget of 1200, Suggestions for lens Canon XTI.

    Not sure what to recomend for a lens in that price range since you don't give us much to go on... I have heard good things about the Canon EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS ($410), but never used one myself.

    As far as memory goes, go to Lots of sizes and speeds of CF cards to choose from, and very reasonable prices.

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    Re: Budget of 1200, Suggestions for lens Canon XTI.

    I'm looking really for an all around lens kit given the budget over give or take. I won't really be taking much macro shots but would like to have some capability with it for here and there shots and of course, the standard "everyday" lense and a telephoto lense for buildings, scenery shots.

    I'm can't be really specific because I want to have an All around package so to speak.

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    Re: Budget of 1200, Suggestions for lens Canon XTI.

    Funny you should mention that your budget is $1200 I am looking at the same body and the Tamron 18-250mm lens from BH. the total for the two (body is the card combo black one) is about $1202. I'm just looking for some more advice about the Tamron lens. The reviews I have seen have been pretty positive, but I don't know about Tamron in general. Might be a combo to consider, though since the lens sounds like a real workhorse range.


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