Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot looks like a terrifying Jim Henson puppet-maxresdefault.jpg

Cobra-hip Mick Jagger has found his robotics match. Boston Dynamics paid tribute to The Rolling Stones' iconic music video for the 1981 hit "Start Me Up," with the band being replaced. The company's four-legged Spot robot

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Just make your choice and please don't mention the Black Mirror episode. You know what I mean at this point. Everyone has made the same comparison and no one cares.

This video is both a demonstration of Spot's impressive agility and Boston Dynamics' ongoing desire to make the robot look fun. The company has a few public relations issues. Because the product is closely related to the four-legged robot.

When some unrelated companies put their guns at a completely unrelated four-legged robot, People on social media are still shouting, “Those sick people at Boston Dynamics have to go!”

Boston Dynamics itself, though, would seem more interesting to sell robots to business customers as tools to really explore and explore factories, power plants, mines, and more. Just check out the three latest videos

the company uploaded ahead of Rolling's efforts. Servos:

Of course, this doesn't mean Boston Dynamics is an irrelevant bystander when it comes to adopting robots in the military/law enforcement. which many people think add New dangers to these professions Glad to supply

the Spot robot to the police and try it out with the French Army. But at least there is a policy. There is a strict "no weapon in a robot" that many of their colleagues don't have.