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BMW i Ventures, the joint venture company of the slotxo BMW Group, has announced a new $300 million fund to build on its investments in technologies that make transportation, manufacturing and supply chains more sustainable.

The company does not operate as a traditional venture capital fund. But it operates independently of BMW while being fully supported by the German automaker. The previous 500 million euros (about $525 million at the time)

fund announced when it moved to Silicon Valley in 2016 has ended its new investment. From now on, new investments will come from Fund II.Fund I focuses on autonomous and digital automotive technology. customer experience and advanced manufacturing, for example,

autonomous truck company Kodiak Robotics, which announced investment from BMW i Ventures last week. As part of this fund, Fund II will highlight sustainability and zero emissions across all sectors that lead to vehicle design, manufacturing and building. rather than a niche investment in core vehicle technology.