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    Best digital back?

    What is the best digital back for product photography that has a multi-shot capability and fits on a large format?

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    Re: Best digital back?

    Quote Originally Posted by SPProducts
    What is the best digital back for product photography that has a multi-shot capability and fits on a large format?

    How large a LF do you mean? If you are referring to 4x5 (Sinar cameras for example) there are only a few possibilities or one of a kind solutions. Bigger than this starts to become impossible or not really products open to easy comparision as they are customized or one of a kind.

    These cameras are shot almost always in a tethered mode. The capacity and speed is dependent upon the computer (Apple or PC) and the type of connection, USB, Firewire, SCSI (not seen one of these for awhile) or a proprietary interface.

    Leaf and BetterLite are two well known (and have similar heritage) products. There are a few other backs that only a handful really exist as the call for these is small. Or you could make one, but that's a different response and post.

    The software available to handle the large image files is also a major concern when working with these cameras.

    If you are referring to MF cameras in the 645, 6x7, 6x6, formats, then the options grow. The most recent cameras in these sizes can be shot untethered with sufficiently large Flash memory or with portable hard drives. Then you have Phase One, Leaf, the new and old Hasselblad formats to name the main players.

    For product photography of many types, certainly a lot of catalog work, the full frame Canon DSLR's of either the EOS 5D's or the 1D cameras (all variants) are frequently used. Again, this type of work is very often done tethered to get an immediate image for editing and verification.

    Where less than 5 years ago the 4x5 was still king of many types of photography, that is less and less accurate today in late 2008. The investment is substantial. As the digital medium continues its progression and improves, larger platform sensors may be come somewhat more prevalent, but only marginally I feel. Very specialized work may require them, but the digital compositionaly techniques and technicians now becoming widely available currently limit the growth in this market.

    What other requirements and needs do you have in terms of this style of photography that might help to answer your question?
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