Apple's tablets will receive a M1 chip, 5G, and a Liquid Retina XDR display in 2021.-apple_events_-_special_event_stream_-_apple-99-1280x720.jpg

Apple debuts a high-end tablet with unexpected speed and a screen overhaul.Apple has finally announced the upgrade to the iPad Pro we've all been waiting for as part of Spring Forward 2021 on Tuesday.The iPad Pro is slated to include a processor refresh, as well as more modern camera and screen technology. Some, and now Apple has shipped, most of which the homegrown M1 chip is added. Last year, Apple's 2020 iPad Pro refresh got us a little excited about how the design improvements and new additions have been made - tiny processor bumps and a depth-sensing lidar sensor.

That means we slotxo have pinned hopes for 2021, the year the iPad Pro gets a more significant overhaul.The iPad is a magic mirror that can become anything you want it to be," said Raja Bose, iPad Product Marketing Manager, while introducing the upgraded tablet at Apple's event.The new iPad Pro will be available in two sizes: 12.9-inch and 11-inch. These devices will come with up to 16GB of storage and up to 2TB of storage. Prices for the 12.9-inch model start at $ 1,099 (AU $ 999, AU $ 1,649). The 11-inch model starts at $ 799 (AU $ 749, AU $ 1,199) .

Pre-orders will open on April 30, and Apple expects the device to begin shipping in the second half of May.The key to the 2021 upgrade is the addition of Apple's M1 chip, first announced last November, and the processor. "By the best performance" the company has ever built, the addition of an eight-core chip to the iPad Pro could mean a significant speed increase and better battery performance, with Apple promising a 50% improvement over the previous generation.The existing iPad Pro with A12Z processor offers the same great experience. But greater speeds will always be appreciated, and

hopefully it will mean that the iPad will become more of a multitasking monster and will still be able to truly support a second monitor.The M1 chip will boost graphics performance, which. 1,500 times better than the original iPad, according to Apple.
The 2021 iPad Pro is also the first Apple tablet to feature 5G connectivity, with the introduction of faster 5G around the world, users who rely on high-speed connections on the go are likely to appreciate it. Opt in to take advantage of the fastest data speeds available.

The first for iPads (and tablets everywhere) is the introduction of a high-speed Thunderbolt port on the iPad Pro.So far, Thunderbolt is only available on Mac and Windows PCs.It uses the same connector as USB-C, but allows space. Extended and faster external storage, improved monitor connections, and advanced docks.As part of the iPad Pro screen overhaul, Apple is introducing a Liquid Retina XDR display to its top-of-the-range 12.9-inch tablet with 5.59-megapixel pixels. Apple's top-end XDR pro display offers superb brightness of up to 1,600 nits, with a wider color spectrum and very high contrast.