Apple Wallet can hold a driver's license in iOS 15-apple-drivers-license-wallet-app.jpg

With iOS 15, Apple Wallet will get the
ability to store driver's licenses as well as credit cards and discount codes. Your digital ID will work just like a physical license. And it will even be accepted at TSA checkpoints when the feature goes live later this year. The feature will only be available to participating US residents. Apple hasn't said which states are interested.

?The Transportation Security Administration is working to enable airport security checkpoints to be the first place where customers can use their digital identity cards in Wallet.Apple has been working on technology to support IDs and passports for at least a year. In the future, driver license support will expand beyond airports

to retail stores and locations. as specified by the company Apple and TSA are working on a feature for Wallet that automatically pulls in the information you need to make it easier for airport security. and it will be available on your iPhone in a single scan.

Your Apple Wallet version of your driver's license is encrypted and can be read through a digital scanner. iOS 15 adds Wallet support for work badges and even hotel keys at participating locations. compatible locks as well