For the first time, ShapeShifter Lab founder and accomplished jazz musician Matt Garrison dreams of an entirely new digital music collaboration slotxo experience. He made contact with friends. And fellow musicians who can code Their time is limited As each of them was focused on their projects, Garrison remained adamant to do so. He knew he needed to understand the basics of programming to start developing his own apps quickly.

"I said to teach me to write code. And I'm going to make it myself, ”Garrison said.“ Just show me how. Because I think that as an artist today When we face technological challenges You'll have to break through the wall and get over it. "

Garrison and his team first started working in Objective-C and continued with Swift Garrison, and now they're working together on an app called TuneBend, a new platform that lets musicians join together to record until they can sell. Finally, TuneBend is a fusion of Garrison's passion for music and entrepreneurship, with Garrison running his own ShapeShifter Lab as the venue. Music and performance spaces in Brooklyn, New York

“I've always been fascinated with computers and technology,” Garrison says. “Now I understand how to go into the digital dimension of how music is presented. I think we're one of the few music venues that actually code on the site. ”

Coding has become the official language for entrepreneurs all over the world today. Because code breaks down barriers and provides a powerful platform that helps people who want to start new businesses. Be able to attract more customers with innovative experiences and services. These developers also build apps that teach coding to often-overlooked communities to open the door to possible coding opportunities for those communities.