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    Any good lowlight video shooting lens canon 550d

    I've been getting a lot of video noise (grain) with my kit lens 18-55 and with my 75-300.
    So I need a good lens under £100 (125 dollars) for shooting video in low light.
    P.s I know iso levels should be under 400 but it becomes too dark

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    Re: Any good lowlight video shooting lens canon 550d

    What kind of light and subject? With that camera you should be able to shoot up to ISO 800 with good results. Those lenses are limited, though - especially if you're shooting zoomed in. Unfortunately, there's really only one lens that fits your criteria - the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. It's actually a great lens, just not as versatile as a good zoom.

    Just curious - what mode are you shooting in? You should be able to adjust your exposure for useable video at ISO 400. Have you tried ISO 800? What kind of light are we talking about?

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