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    America and Uk Bought Cameras

    Hey, im new to these forums.

    In about 2 weeks im going to be buying myself a Nikon d80 body and i was wondering if you guys could help me out.

    The cheapest uk price i have found is 540, but i have found the camera on an american site for the equivelant of 383.
    I am from northern ireland in the uk and im wondering what are the pros and cons of each.

    Im aware that if i buy it from america there will be problems with the charger and the voltage most likely but is there extra things i can buy to use it over here and if so is it going to be cost effective to buy it and these extra bits or should i just buy it here in the uk?

    any help is much appreciated

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    Re: America and Uk Bought Cameras

    What site were you considering buying from? I'd check out reviews for that site first since there are a lot of sites such as that will turn out to be a nightmare.

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    Re: America and Uk Bought Cameras

    Check the camera dealer reviews forum here.
    I'm not great at the conversion but that sounds like a price that's too good for a reputable dealer.
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    Re: America and Uk Bought Cameras

    the best but most expensive place to buy from would be a local store.. from a legal point of view u might have problems with customs and have to pay vat on top of your american purchase price..

    most things are cheaper in the US but overall i think buying in the UK is the safer option..

    just accept the fact u live in "rip-off" britain..


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