Air Force Base Increases Spending Support for Overseas Subsidiaries-spend-management-international-payments.jpg

Airbase, an enterprise spending management startup announced this morning that it now supports affiliates in various countries. For US businesses As more and more companies rely on working remotely. And more and more startups find themselves on multiple continents.

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This new capability could potentially stimulate a market where Airbase's overall addressability can be effectively addressed.The product news is interesting. But even more so when we look at Airbase's featuredecisions in the larger

context of the enterprise spend management space itself. Startups competing in the marketplace offer their customers enterprise cards and software packages to help them manage their costs more generally. along with other functions

that varies according to the service provider in question TechCrunch has been pouring out a lot in recent months in pursuing Airbase Ramp and Brex competitors as they raise funds and look to differentiate their products to better serve their target markets.