Agricultural support groups say importing fish will not bring prices down.-bd8a2013-jh454r2.jpg

While the Department of Agriculture (DA) allowed 60,000 metric tons (MT) of fish to be imported this year, advocacy groups say traders may not take advantage of the offer because of one of the conditions imposed by the agency - selling fish at Wholesale price 88 baht per kg.

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In a virtual briefing with Tugon Kabuhayan, the group said imported fish cannot be sold at 88 pesos per kilogram. because it will cause the importer to lose at least Imported fish may be sold at a wholesale price of 100 pesos per kilogram,

which could double when it reaches the retail market. For members of Tugon Kabuhayan, this made the decision to import not only against production, but also against production. But it also negatively affects the local industry.

It also urged the government to disclose the basis of the DA's approved import volumes, adding that it was based on its own calculations. The shortage during this year's closed fishing season from November to December is only 30,000 tonnes.