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Hello and welcome to SLOTXO Daily Crunch, July 1, 2021 is the day of the Robinood IPO! That's really the headline. This afternoon, the American consumer fintech company filed a public lawsuit in what will prove to be the first contender for its most important third-quarter IPO. We also have other startup news.

countless more for you And don't forget that the next TechCrunch event is next week! Let's go! -- Alex Let's go back to some of the topics TechCrunch has covered in the past few weeks. There's some new news from Karat, a next-generation bank aimed at the creator economy.

Everyone wants to make money from creators who start earning. And from startups around the world, TechCrunch has a new memo about the future of European IPOs for you guys in that regard.Locking data centers and networks from intruders is just part of an organization's

security responsibilities. Cloud services, collaboration tools, and APIs extend security further. Moreover Systems built to prevent misuse and mishandling of sensitive information often depend on someone's better angel.