Now on my host site for anyone interested in having fun tweaking them. Other samples as well for the Sony fans. Sorry that this thread doesn't really fall in line with a photo critique but I wanted Sony users and potential A700 buyers to have a chance to see some samples and this looked like the bigger forum.

Go to then links/resources and click on A700 Samples/Review to come.

So far only 3, in the folder RAW Daylight ISO 200-400 Samples.

I will post more as need arises, let me know what you want! I am going to enjoy a whole day of shooting today doing various tests and posting as well.

There are ton's of other samples out there so ill leave the samples on my site by the demand that is created at this point from the forum members, and other shots I find worthy.

Just let me know. Preview to follow, probably Sunday night, hopefully sooner.